Commando Camps

The Commando Camps are designed by Commando Steve to be exclusive and accessible. You will be instructed by Commando Steve and his dedicated specialist training team who will be there to guide you through a 3 - day program of adventure, physical fitness, training and nutrition workshops and Q&A sessions. You don't need a high level of physical fitness just the willingness to participate and give it your all, the Camps are inclusive by nature whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an athlete.

For 3 days you will train with others, who, like you, are intent on learning more about themselves, taking on new experiences and pushing their limits. You will meet like-minded people in a friendly, supportive and constructive environment and learn from trainers and mentors who have years of physical training and mental conditioning.

Binna Burra QLD

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Warm up

- 5 km on Assault Bike


- 5 x Inch worm + downward dog

- Lunge with thoracic rotation x 10 L & R


- 3 x 5 reps Hang muscle snatch

- 3 x 5 reps Hang power snatch


Ascend ladder as far as possible in 12 minutes starting at 1 then 2, 3 and so on.

- Hang power snatch 60kg (40kg)

- Burpee over bar

*Brackets denote women's weight