Teamwork and leadership underpin success in business, with physical fitness providing a demonstrated contribution to mental agility and resilience to stress. Commando Steve offers tailored Coaching and Training to corporate clients who wish to improve both the operation of their business and the quality of their lives. We specialise in conducting small group activities designed to develop teamwork, forge leadership skills and provide ongoing “life skills” – through the medium of physically and mentally challenging activities in an array of environments ranging from the office, the local park or up to expedition level events.

Our extensive experience in developing teamwork and leadership within elite organisations can be applied to activities ranging from one hour to one week, structured to meet your needs and requirements.

Steve’s team can design a range of Corporate Training sessions to challenge your organisation.

In-house: Let us come to you, transform your workplace into a high energy environment.

External: You come to us. Training is done at a venue conducive with the stimulus and methodology required to challenge you and your team. Invigorate and challenge your people.

Customised: 1 hour to 1 week Corporate Challenges and Leadership courses available.